My baby was due on May 8th but this little guy decided that he was not going to wait that long.  He came early, on April 13 to be exact.

I went to the hospital with labor pains about twenty minutes apart.   The contractions hurt but were bearable, like a bad cramp.   A nurse told me to start walking the halls so that my water would break.  I paced and paced and paced some more.  After what seemed like hours, finally, I was taken to the delivery room.  The doctor then gave an injection into my spine.   As I recall, the doctor said, this is what I am going to do and then he just did it.   I went completely numb from the waist down.   A short time after the injection, I delivered a baby.  

After we were separated and cleaned they took me to my room.   A nurse later brought my baby in for a feeding.  I got so excited when I saw him that I sprang up in the bed.   The nurse pushed on my shoulder, forcing my head back down to the pillow and said, you are not supposed to do that.   Then she handed me my baby and left the room.

Sometime later, my head began to hurt.  The pain in my head became so intense that I basically blacked out.   I don’t recall much of anything after that.  I know that I was there but I can’t remember details.  I did feel very alone.  No family was there.  No friends.  I am sure there were doctors and nurses and other mothers with their newborn babies but I don’t remember any of them.   

Later, I was told that I suffered what they called a “spinal headache.”  A side effect from the lumbar puncture where the spinal fluid goes into other nearby tissue.   OUCH!!   I often wonder if my child suffered any side effects from the spinal tap.   After all, the lower half of my body was completely numb.  Maybe that’s why he’s now a democrat.

It’s strange not to remember.   It’s also a little sad that I don’t remember much about my hospital stay except that it was a major headache.   And I mean … major!!   But I do remember one very important thing.   Forty years ago, I gave birth to a little boy.    That moment, the moment of delivery, is a very good memory.